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Varsity Football 2019

A Message from our New Pius XI Head Football Coach

Pius XI Statement

            I’m fortunate enough to have been granted the Head Football Coach position at Pius XI High School. It has been a goal of mine to be the Head Football Coach for Pius XI and I look forward to this great opportunity.

I’ve watched the years go by and seen the turnover that’s occurred at Pius and understand that football is a sport that has seen much turnover and much change over the recent decade. Over the past ten years of coaching football, I’ve seen five, me being the sixth, Head Football Coach step through this program. Many have come and many have gone, but I’m hoping to stay for a very long time. I’m a re-builder style of coach. I like the underdog story. I like the implementation and hard work it takes to build something from the ground up. I’ve been fortunate enough to take two programs under my guidance to a higher stature in the football world. I took a program in Milwaukee Hamilton from being a bottom dweller in the Milwaukee City Conference, to scoring 35 pts a game and bringing them to their first City Conference title in 33 years back in 2016 as an Offensive Coordinator. I later moved to my first Head Coach role at Obama SCTE and took a program who only had six kids showing up to practice, to a playoff appearance in year two of guidance with 42 athletes. This may go down as one of my toughest experiences as a coach. I worked with kids who didn’t have father figures, didn’t have money in the home, came from a “rough” background and I made them believe that football can be used as an out, from life’s hard upbringing. These are just some examples of how I’ve changed programs and what type of coach, I am. I never wanted to step into a program that was successful and to basically “carry the torch”. I wanted to the be guy who took a team that many thought can’t compete, and turn them into a force to be scared of.

Why Pius, and why now?

I was contacted by John to see if I was interested in coaching at Pius and believe me, I was more than willing to leave my program at Obama SCTE as a Head Coach to step down to become an Offensive Coordinator and to get myself in the door at Pius XI. Pius XI is a special place. For some reason, even though I’m not an alumni here, Pius XI has been a place I’ve always wanted to coach. I have two coaches on my staff that have coached with me for five years now (Beto Zarate, Oscar Lopez), and we talked about Pius XI all the time.

I’m a young guy who loves football and has many leadership qualities coming from both the US Army from 2005-2013 with two deployments to Iraq, an ownership role at a small business I run with other shareholders, Communicor Inc, and a multitude of influential coaches and mentors throughout my life. I want to create leaders at Pius XI and change the overall culture of our football program.

My Vision

I want to create student-athletes. You’re a student first and an athlete second. Little do students know but, only a few players get selected to play college football. However, everyone gets looked at for their grades and their accomplishments as a student. My goal is to create a Monday – Wednesday – Friday workout program and an after school study hall for one hour on Thursdays for ALL athletes at Pius XI High School. This is my number one goal stepping into the off-season. I also evaluate my team based on four pillars of success.       

  1. Family – We must work together and be a part of a family. The coaches and players are your family and we must work together to accomplish our goals. Being a part of a family also means, we look out for one another. We pick up the player when they’re down and we acknowledge them when things are going well.
  2. Discipline – Using the Army term “ Be. Know. Do” we must BE a leader, Know what leadership qualities to use and DO what it takes to become a leader. Knowing this term, we must maintain our discipline and act the part, not only in football but in the classroom.
  3. Commitment- This means, showing up to off-season workouts if you’re not in a winter/spring sport, showing up to study hall to increase to your grades, showing up to practice and being a part of the program. Commitment pays dividends in the success of the football player and the program.
  4. Dominate – We use the term Dominate loosely. We want to dominate the opposition on the football field by always beating the man across from you. We also want to dominate life’s ongoing situations. This could be doing homework, showing up to class on time, being a leader etc. We must dominate every obstacle in our way to succeed in life.

My vision also includes creating a summer camp, youth football camp, community projects for both the spring/summer and winter, bringing back the Junior Popes, 7 on 7 passing camps, creating new rivalries with schools, integrating the community with the Pope’s football program and including parents and staff members to assist us with our journey to success.

Highlights of the School

            Pius XI is a special place. At one time, the football program was the “talk of the town”. Many alumni still to this day, talk about the 1972 championship team. That 72 championship game happened almost 50 years ago and is still being talked about today. That tells you something. That tells you that the alumni following and the influence this school has on its students and the City of Milwaukee, is monumentous. My goal is to bring that “talk of the town” back to Pius XI.

            The staff and the students are just something you don’t find in other schools. I grew up in Sparta, Wisconsin and I wished that my High School had the same atmosphere that Pius XI has. You have kids eager to learn, eager to do what needs to be done and want to grow up to be successful. You have a staff that’s willing to change and shows support for every event and task at hand. People like Dick Fischer who’ve seen it all and they bleed that Pius Pride. That says a lot about what this school has to offer and how big of an impact this school has on its students and the individuals orchestrating the jobs to be done around the program. I cannot express in words how excited I am for this position. I look forward to my future here at Pius XI and I promise that I won’t let this program down. I’m hear for the rebuild, the long haul, brick by brick, and I can’t wait to get started. 



Monday, August 5th – Equipment issue for ALL levels

12 Noon – 3:00 pm

Pius XI Fieldhouse - Football Equipment Room


Tuesday, August 6th - First practice for ALL levels

12 Noon – 5:00 pm

Dyer Park, 151 North 80th Street

(helmets and shorts)

Head Football Coaching Philosophy - Kyle Henry

My Coaching Philosophy

As a head coach, I believe in creating a coaching environment where all football players can succeed to the best of their given abilities and talents. As such, all athletes should view the football field as, a classroom environment and that environment should remain uninterrupted during the duration of any practice or game quarter. The needs of the first time football player are no less or more important than the needs of a varsity veteran football player.

I believe that football is a team sport and that the entire team will be supportive of every other member. As such, there is no room for harassment, bullying, or ridicule of any kind. All team members will be expected to be supportive of each other at all times. This also includes the coaching staff decisions made during practice or in meetings.

I believe that football offers life skills and opportunities for personal growth that can be found in few places today. As such, our coaching staff will teach more than football. Personal life skill attributes such as working together in a group, life-style choices, sportsmanship, courage, pride and determination to name a few will be emphasized and modeled whenever possible.

I believe that football is a "family" sport. Family activities outside of the general practice environment will be offered and attendance is highly encouraged to foster the sense of family and belonging for all.

I believe that football can be fun! Football skill development games and activities may be utilized at all levels as a reward for a job well done, or simply as a break from the rigors and pressure that can be associated with a competitive environment.

I believe that football is a competitive sport. All members should be striving for personal improvement and the reaching of new goals and records set previously by prior classes should become attainable. Football attendance is vital to the process and football attendance may be required at times and is always encouraged.

I believe that as coaches we can do very little without the support, dedication, and knowledge of the parents. Parents play a crucial role in the development of their children on and off the field of play. It is my hope that all parents will support, encourage, and guide their football players in a positive manner at all times; adhering to the training and exercise techniques prescribed by the coaching staff and avoiding the urge to "coach" their athlete as this practice can create confusion and hard feelings between all who are involved.

Finally, I believe that all coaches, team members, and parents represent our football program at practices, games and in the community. As such, I have a personal hope that all members will handle themselves with class and dignity at all times.

Four Pillars Of Success – Philosophy

The one thing I preach to our athletes is the philosophy of our program and our mission as a team. A coaching philosophy is the backbone of program. It’s a set of guidelines that is followed and looked over again, when needed. It’s a mindset that you as coach, abide by and believe in. At Barrack Obama Career and Technical Education High School, we focus on four pillars of success on our team.

  1. Family
  2. Commitment
  3. Discipline
  4. Dominate

Family to us means that the guy to the right and left of you on the football field, is considered your family member. They’re the individuals that are going to help you win the game. Not the fan in the stands, not the neighbor down the street, it’s the people that come to practice on a daily basis and that are on the football team. These family members, will win the game. Watch Bill Snyder at Kansas State University. He preaches to his athletes about family and the importance of playing for one another. His model of family is something to be idolized and each one of his athletes commit to the family model. We want to build that same model of success at our program.

Commitment to the team is the first step to becoming a successful program. Coming to after school weightlifting programs, coming to practice, showing up in class and striving to attain goals is a form of commitment. Being an athlete isn’t about being the best player on the field, it’s about being the best in everything you do, on and off the field.

Discipline must be instilled on the football field. Profanity and racial terms should not be allowed. We must understand what is right and what is wrong. Doing the right thing all the time, is what we expect at our program. If you’re doing the wrong thing, accept the consequences and remember to do the right thing.

Lastly, the term we like to use is, dominate. We must dominate the opposition that’s in front you on the football field. You must never quit and you must strive to outperform the opposition. Bill Belicheck tells his Patriots team to “do your job”. He means to not only “do your job” but to excel at your task.

These pillars of success are followed on a daily basis and we expect our football players to abide by this philosophy throughout the year. Your philosophy as a coach is the model of what you want your program to be. You must also act the part. What I mean by that is, lead your athletes by example. Athletes look up to their coaches as mentors and role models. The philosophy you create, must also be followed by you as a coach.

Pius XI Pope Football Program

The Pius XI football program focuses on molding individuals within a team setting. Check out the Popes Football Schedule, and come watch them in action!

The Pius XI Football team is coached by Head Coach Kyle Henry.


Fri. Aug. 16 St. John's NW Military Academy Scrimmage St. John's NW Military Academy 10:00 AM
Fri. Aug. 23 Kenosha Tremper Wisconsin Lutheran College 7:00 PM
Fri. Aug. 30 Pewaukee Pewaukee High School 7:00 PM
Thurs. Sept. 5 West Allis Central West Allis Athletic Complex 7:00 PM
Fri. Sept. 13 WISCO  HOMECOMING Wisconsin Lutheran College 7:00 PM
Fri. Sept. 20 South Milwaukee South Milwaukee High School 7:00 PM
Fri. Sept. 27 Greendale Wisconsin Lutheran College 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct. 4 New Berlin West New Berlin West High School 7:00 PM
Fri. Oct. 11 New Berlin Eisenhower Wisconsin Lutheran College 7:00 PM
Thurs. Oct. 17 Crossover vs Brown Deer Wisconsin Lutheran College 7:00 PM
Thurs. Aug. 29 Pewaukee Dyer Field 5:30 PM
Fri. Sept. 6 West Allis Central Dyer Field 5:30 PM
Thurs. Sept. 12 Wisconsin Lutheran Wisconsin Lutheran High School 5:30 PM
Wed. Sept. 18 South Milwaukee Dyer Field 5:30 PM
Thurs. Sept. 26 Greendale Greendale High School 5:30 PM
Thurs. Oct. 3 New Berlin West Dyer Field 5:30 PM
Thurs. Oct. 10 New Berlin Eisenhower New Berlin Eisenhower High School 5:30 PM
Wed. Oct. 16 Crossover vs Shorewood/Messmer Shorewood High School 5:30 PM

Location of Wisconsin Lutheran College Fields:


1401 Swan Boulevard, Wauwatosa, WI 53226

From the North: Take I-41 south to Exit 40B toward Watertown Plank Road west. Stay to the right when the ramp splits. Continue right onto westbound Watertown Plank Road. Turn right onto Swan Boulevard (first stoplight). Turn left to travel through the roundabout. Take the first right in the roundabout to enter the complex driveway.

From the South or East: Take I-894 north or I-94 west to I-41 north. Take Exit 40B toward Watertown Plank Road west. Stay to the left when the ramp splits. Continue onto westbound Watertown Plank Road. Turn right onto Swan Boulevard (first stoplight). Turn left to travel through the roundabout. Take the first right in the roundabout to enter the complex driveway.

From the West: Take I-94 east to Exit 304B - Hwy. 100. Turn left onto Hwy. 100. Turn right onto Watertown Plank Road. Turn left onto Swan Boulevard (first stoplight). Turn left to travel through the roundabout. Take the first right in the roundabout to enter the complex driveway.

Kyle Henry

Kyle Henry

Head Varsity Football Coach

Pat Baltz

Pat Baltz


Kyle Domask

Kyle Domask


Mike Lapotta


Oscar Lopez

Oscar Lopez


Manny Medina


Xavier Mentor

Xavier Mentor


Jamaal Napoleon

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Roberto Zarate